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      3. About Leoch
        About Leoch Cultural Construction

        Cultural Construction

        Cultural Construction


        Enterprise Culture

        Leoch Vision:Supporting an intelligent world where everything is connected

        Leoch Mission:Provide reliable and innovative power supply to humanity

        Leoch Goal:Being a world-class, Competitive and Technology Leading Manufacturer of Rechargeable Battery

        Leoch Core Value:Customer Centric; Contributors First; Persevere; Grow by Reflection

        Leoch Faith: Joint Efforts Making A Splendid Future

        Leoch Spirit: Loyalty, Persistence, Diligence and Contribution

        Leoch Principle of Behavior: Success from Hard Work, Achievement From Good Morality

        Low Profile, Amity, Honesty

        Love Learning,  Love Work,Contribute more

        Leoch Business Ability: Varietal Diversity, Reasonable Price, Reliable Quality, Timely Delivery

        Staff Activity

        Employee activity

        The company is concerned about the development of every employee, in providing excellent work and living environment for the staff at the same time, attaches high importance to the all-round quality of the staff training, so that everyone in LEOCH is a talent, suitable for their position, the appropriate person, and formsa smooth communication ,cooperation atmosphere, to achieve one plus one great than two.

        Leoch university

        LEOCH university

        Chart of the organizational structure of leoch university


        Leoch university was founded in 2014,

        and is responsible for the leadership development and human resources training of leoch group.

        Adhering to the values of “Ming Tao, excellent skill, diligence and practice”. Leoch university is committed to the five functions of talent development ,strategic promotion, knowledge management, resource and cultural shaping through the construction of a full and all-round training system.

        For the enterprise continuous transmission and training of talent.

        Vision: wings of dreams, incarnation of knowledge ,cradle of talent

        Mission:empowering talent ,promoting management change and building corporate culture.

        Values:Ming Tao,excellent skill,diligence and practice

        The teaching idea of leoch university:to establish a learning organization ,to respect human nature,to give full play to talents’ expertise,to promote personal growth,and to bring a large number of talented people to the company.

        University motto:loyalty, perseverance,and hard work.

        Contribution to the spirit of the university:love to learn,love to work ,love to contribute


        • course learning

          course learning

        • Team improving

          Team improving

        • Outdoor tour

          Outdoor tour

        • Outdoor training

          Outdoor training

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